Casa Nebiolo was built by Nebiolo Germano and his wife Dona Margherita (Tina) between 1911 and 1917 to live together with their five daughters, Egide, Rosmunda, Aurelia, Alessandra Lucia and Natalina born between 1906 and 1919.


From this house, thanks to the wise and careful activity of Germano, merchant and wine broker, the “fine wines” of Migliandolo reached, despite the difficult transport conditions, France and several other European countries. In the apartments are hanging and clearly visible, the original labels of the barrels with which Barbera and Grignolino traveled …


The house, in addition to housing, has been used over the decades, as a restaurant and tavern on the ground floor, butcher and bakery in the basement and partially as a guesthouse on the first floor (Locanda del Leone). The only grocery shop in the small village of Migliandolo, until the 80s was managed in this house by Alessandra Lucia Nebiolo, daughter of Germano and great aunt of the current owners.


The building has been completely restored by the heirs with the purpose of maintaining the original typologies and decorations, wanting to transmit today to its guests, the charm of the past and share the family history with those who want to grasp and appreciate it.